Mills Brands is a privately held international import & export company established in Sydney in 2006. With over 25 years of combined industry experience, and a year-on-year growth of close to 30%, we are more than a few steps ahead of the competition. As one of Australia’s leading and fastest-growing import & export companies Mills Brands sits at the heart of e-commerce in the region. Every day we use our commercial expertise to market and distribute quality merchandise to millions of consumers all over Australia, quickly and efficiently. Leading business publication BRW has recognised Mills Brands as one of the top 100 fastest-growing companies in Australia. The Company debuted as the 3rd fastest-growing online trading company in Australia, and 12th overall on the prestigious 2011 BRW Fast Starters list. The exceptional local service we provide is conducted with a global outlook. We maintain operations in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region and our offices are strategically placed around the world to cater to clients with global interests. Most importantly, we give our consumers what they want, when they need it and wherever they may be.

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Mills Brands began in 2006 with a firm intention to improve the retail shopping experience for Australian consumers. From the beginning, we have focused on becoming a leading industry player. We understood that to effect real change, the Company had to grow and expand. Our core principles are grounded on ...

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Sales Channels

In this age of free-flowing information and digitization, Mills Brands believes that e-commerce is the best way to connect to a wider range of consumers. The Company prides itself in being, and staying, at the forefront of an ever-changing and fast-evolving industry. We utilise a range of online platforms to supply ...

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Competitive Advantage

Processes Mills Brands believes in simplifying and improving the flow of information between our different departments, from senior management and sales and marketing, all the way to customer service and our logistics networks. That way, nothing gets lost in the noise and we get to focus on what’s important ...

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Partnership Culture & Social Responsibility

PARTNERSHIP CULTURE One of the keys to our triumphs throughout the years is our firm belief in developing strong and favourable partnerships, particularly with our overseas suppliers. At our core, we strive to engage in long-term beneficial exchange relationships to achieve common goals.We develop such bonds by ...

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