Competitive Advantage


Mills Brands believes in simplifying and improving the flow of information between our different departments, from senior management and sales and marketing, all the way to customer service and our logistics networks. That way, nothing gets lost in the noise and we get to focus on what’s important — making our customers happy.



Mills Brands draws its core strengths from its people. The Company’s notable success over the years is built on the skill set, experience and dedication of our colleagues. The combination of their talent and commitment has led to Mills Brands growing into one of Australia’s leading industry players. Our people believe in the Company’s vision, and we believe in them.

The Company’s relationship with its people is a two-way street. We provide our colleagues with opportunities to grow and enhance their talent, and in turn, they drive our business forward. We have had the privilege of being able to employ a large and talented pool of individuals to build on our Company’s goals. Today Mills Brands employs over 200 people around the globe, and continues to recruit exceptional talent into our growing family.

Marketing and Sales

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to apply the latest marketing strategies to the products we sell. Our dedicated team of marketing specialists use innovative online marketing practices to effectively engage consumers with our brands, and turn them into top sellers.

Customer Service

With a large and growing customer base, we realise the importance of providing quality ongoing customer service to support their needs past the initial point of purchase. We make our services available to our customers at every level of the customer experience, and doing so has proved to be a major factor in their overall satisfaction.

Product Support


What sets Mills Brands apart from our competitors is the product support and servicing we offer. We have a committed in-house team of expert technicians which provides both basic and extended technical support — troubleshooting, recalibration and repair — to products sold under the Mills Brands umbrella. Moreover, we maintain a comprehensive range of spare parts to extend the longevity of our products and improve overall customer loyalty.