Partnership Culture & Social Responsibility


One of the keys to our triumphs throughout the years is our firm belief in developing strong and favourable partnerships, particularly with our overseas suppliers. At our core, we strive to engage in long-term beneficial exchange relationships to achieve common goals.We develop such bonds by demonstrating exceptional trust, integrity and performance-based values. We work with our suppliers to not only exceed sales volume expectations, but to communicate the demand trends and preferences of the Australian consumer market.

By maintaining harmonious relationships with our international suppliers, we ensure that our large customer base continues to enjoy a steady, sustainable supply of quality products from the brands they have grown to love. We also enable our suppliers to react to the market’s fast-changing tastes, allowing them to produce what Australians want and need.


Every day the people of Mills Brands apply their talent, experience and dedication to fulfill our goals. Our goals extend beyond the intention to improve and transform the Australian retail shopping experience. One of our core principles is responsibility, and doing business responsibly means creating solutions which benefit consumers, producers and the wider community.

Our people live and work in communities around the world. The work that we do, and the future we share with all, depend on the responsible development of communities all over the globe. We believe in creating shared value with all our stakeholders. To help foster this development, we have initiated social investment programs to assist vulnerable communities overseas.

One such social initiative is our Water Development Campaign, which helps schools in the Asia-Pacific region gain access to clean drinking water. We are proud to be conducting these projects, and are committed to providing more opportunities within the communities that mean so much to us.